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somebody may beat me, but they are going to have to bleed to do it
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Date:2009-12-31 16:04
Subject:nojeans is no more

there is a little more that i will write in here sometime after the new year, which for whatever reason feels like it's coming at the right time.

i can't remember the last time i made new years resolutions, in fact the only time i think i did was for a grade school homework assignment, but this year i actually have a number of them that i am looking forward to trying to fulfill. a new year, a new decade, and in some respects, perhaps a new sake. tomorrow i will wake up with the rest of the world (maybe not as early or as sober but, eh) with a new dedication to bettering myself and the lives of those around me.

tonight at 12 i will raise my glass for all the good people and good times that have been, and those yet to be.

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Date:2009-12-08 00:27

God grant me the serenity
to accept the things I cannot change;
courage to change the things I can;
and wisdom to know the difference.

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Date:2009-04-09 20:43
Subject:Performing surgery on that which I diagnosed

It's kind of funny that my very namesake on LJ, like most of which I've written in here over the past couple years, is really no longer applicable.

On this film set i was on recently I saw the director becoming overcome by stress because things were not going as planned. Near the end he was seemingly about to lose it when I reminded him that he was doing the thing he loved to do most and he seemed to take that to heart. I've been so incredibly busy the last couple months that it's taken a pretty good toll on my relationships with just about everyone around me. It's a pretty hard pill to take at times, but I think I should take my own advice here. I'm doing what I love to do and if I can't take the heat I need to get out of the goddamn kitchen. Hilariously enough, that actually applies to the film I'm working on.

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Date:2008-10-06 01:14
Subject:donte stallworth breeds championships

sup shitj

about the second semester of my junior year at columbia, the shit started to hit the fan in terms of amount of work i had to do, and it seemingly has only increased since then.

in may i finished up all my credits for school so basically i can graduate anytime i want. i still do have a number of projects left over that i have a hand in, and to be honest its somewhat draining to see a project drag on and not see much progress. although finally, it appears the end is in sight. im unsure if i want to go back for one more semester in january, or if i want to say screw it and just dive in to the underpaid professional world. the good news is, i do have people calling me to help them on their projects, rather than me having to go out in search of something to work on. granted just about none of these are paid, but the idea is that these same people will call me when they have a well-funded movie to make.

i started working at nonnies as a delivery driver in june. it kind of sucked but was making good money when i started, and it was keeping me afloat in terms of paying my credit cards off and whatnot. the bad thing is i work 5 nights a week, and my hangout time went straight into the crapper. it didn't really feel like summer at all.

in july i got hired for my only real professional job to date, doing some compositing (removing a green screen behind a character and replacing it with a 3d environment) for a website for intel. i ended up doing a very good job in my opinion, and was paid about $3,500 for about 100 hours of work in 5-6 weeks time. it was probably the most stressful time i had ever experienced, but it did completely wipe out all the debt i had. i wish they had given me the website address, but my emails about it have gone unanswered and i don't know too much about it. it would be pretty cool to see it out there on the web right now. that was pretty much all i did that month.

i don't really know what i did in august. worked i guess. both at nonnies and on school stuff i guess. i had a summer class too and i guess that was ending right around this point. also, kayla went to school at the end of august and that's been pretty shitty. i dont like having to schedule times to see my own gf.

september started off sweet with the one-year anniversary with the gf. we went on a cruise on lake michigan and then drank wine till we felt high class. all in all it was a pretty perfect evening. mid-september i get this call from this guy who works in the office next to my dads. he had this job offer for me to pack orders in boxes for his kitchen supply company. this was the same job i had gone for when summer started and he hired some other dbag. knowing full well that i would be wayyy overextended taking on that job and nonnies and film work, i decided to take the job anyway because it paid 11 bucks an hour.

so as of now i work 50 hours a week spread over 5 days with tuesday and saturday off. any film work ive been doing has come in the way of all-nighters it seems. with no debt, ive been able to put away a good amount of money for the first time since high school, but i also feel that this is exactly how kids with film dreams end up having them die, by taking jobs they don't want to have forever, but do because they pay the bills.

my parents had gotten on me so much that at this point its just laughable. they demanded i have a job the second i got home from school so i did. then they found out about the second job, and pressed me into getting that because it paid more. now i have no time to work on anything else, but my mom keeps asking me why i don't have my own website or an internship somewhere. they come from a time where not having a paycheck every week is unacceptable, and just plain seem to be unwilling to let me do otherwise while i live in their house.

so basically myself, adam, and mark have been working on getting an apartment for some months now since mark moved back here from Tennessee. after lackadaisically pursuing it, we have finally gotten approved and put a deposit on one in the same complex where yurgil used to live. i have mixed feelings about it, mostly positive though. basically if i sign the lease, im signing a $6,000 bill i have to pay over a year, and knowing how crappy i did with my credit cards for two years its a little nerve-racking, but i do have the green to get me through it this time. there's also the issue of my mom completely ex-communicating me if i do move out, but quite honestly i don't care anymore.

the way the dollar controls this country is just sickening.

i really can't understand what's going on with this financial bailout plan. i mean, banks screwed up by lending to risky people, now the rest of the taxpayers in this country have to "bail out" the rich people so that our entire financial system doesn't collapse? i can't claim to know really anything about politics. it just seems to me, if you're going to create 700 billion dollars, shouldn't it be used to buy troubled assets from banks, then settle with the borrower for pennies on the dollar? instead of forgiving corporations, why not forgive taxpayers and say "hey you know that 150,00 you owe us for that house? well, now its 50,000." wouldn't that jumpstart the economy better than writing a blank check to big business? it won't happen because people like my own parents would say "i worked hard to pay for this house, so some joe shmo who couldnt pay for his shouldnt get a break." the problem is, nobody is willing to help a fellow citizen when they're down. but my mom says i only think of myself. again, i don't know anything about politics or the economy or anything, i just can't see why that if everyone is blame for it, why are the people who already have money getting more of it, for free no less?

way too much thinking for this late. even now, there's work im supposed to be doing. i apologize to anyone who has read this who hasn't seen a lot of me recently. i hope that we can grab a beer soon.

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Date:2008-04-15 21:41
Subject:you moved it

if fantasy sports and call of duty 4 did not exist, i'd be the most productive human in the history of earth.

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Date:2007-11-24 04:46
Subject:turkey bowlz

wanna know a funny story? in my last post, i went on to say that my fantasy team was 2-0, and kicking all sorts of a. well, i lost every single game since then until this last week. it's official, i won't repeat as champion this year :(

yesterday was snakesgiving and so as tradition dictates, a turkey bowl was played at the circle church. my team won both "halves," 4-1 and then 10-6 i believe. i caught the game winning touchdown and did my best deion sanders dance, but noone seemed to notice or care. kayla came to watch. <3

i won a hair over $150 tonight playing poker. ive only played 4 tournaments in the last 2 weeks with 2 wins, a 2nd, and a 4th plus a little side game winnings for a 2 week profit of $352. my return on investment at full tilt is 20%, meaning i win roughly 4 bucks for every $20 dollar tourney i play. i did the math and my total profit from all of my online poker playing is $3520.87. thats since march of '05 so its not time to quit my day jobs yet. i can't even pay my credit cards the way it is, but its nice to know that i can actually win doing it. and hey, ive made 10% of my total in the last two weeks! sign of things to come? lets hope so.

here's to the brothers of sigma nu

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Date:2007-09-20 20:10
Subject:these broncos are making me thirsty

well i haven't had a post in two months so its time to update this jive.

first, and most important, i am 2-0 in fantasy football with scores of 104, and 124. this is what occupies most of my time.

second, two weeks ago was the small brown bike reunion show and it was one of the most necessary things ive ever attended. id put this show right up in my top 5 of all time, most likely coming in at #2 after the ghost breakup show. i saw small brown bike play see you in hell live. i will die with a smile on my face.

school has started and im already as busy as ever. however, the labs/equipment/projects are all becoming very advanced and it is very rewarding to do some quality work using such things. i have to find an independent project to edit for one of my classes, and im not really looking forward to that, but if it comes out good it would be a great thing to take around to possible employers and use it to finally start a reel.

with new school years come new gf's, and ive seen kayla nearly every day since school started. chiefs bday party provided the meet up venue, which was awesome because chiefs bday was awesome to begin with, but has also has awesome lasting effects. i am really happy i met this girl.

im updating this at work, and the maz is back in my room right now drinking some hamm's. tonight is gonna rock hardcore.

there are so many video games out/will be coming out soon that i want to own, but i have zero dollars for that. hopefully this job will give me infinite raises. at least i have a job again. my mom had to give me a loan to pay for my books. sad.

new minus the bear came out the day after chiefs bday, and despite being hungover we managed ourselves to best buy at 10:05 to purchase it. it's pretty much been the only cd my ears have heard since then.

see you in two months.

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Date:2007-07-19 00:44
Subject:declaring no action

the summer has been drifting along and so have i. i didn't get the only job i applied for at the beginning of the summer. i haven't really looked real hard after that, but i was unwilling to take another job that would come with underappreciation from both customers and management, regardless of pay.

i also felt that i had missed out on too many hang outs in summer's past and i wanted to be more avaialbe to just hang out spontaneously and for the most part that has happened. the past month or so i havent really felt like doing anything except chilling with the bros in the basement, so maybe i haven't been living up to that after all.

the lack of a job has left the door open for long trips, and a few of those are in the near future. sunday i am going to memphis to visit the monfre's and play some golf. i feel that this will be extremely relaxing and i can't wait to hit beetle street with mark. b and f are taking a week off of work and we are all suppossed to spend a week at the farm in august. i'm not antipating the best of times, but i least i won't feel like i'm wasting life away inside my house. i might also be headed to cedar point, but the extreme lack of funds is making that seem unlikely.

my 21st birthday is right around the corner. i'm really excited about being allowed to buy alcohol and go out with people to bars and such, and that should prove even more beneficial when school starts, although i do love the no dignity nights more than i could ever love going out.

it was kayleigh's birthday today and her party was this past weekend. myself and maggie made the trek, although it seemed like we spent very little time with our old friend and we left earlier than expected.

ive sort of stopped playing poker online but only because i feel i play best when i'm not distracted, and i've had something else to distract me seemingly all the time and i haven't been able to find a free hour and a half to just sit down and focus. i keep trying to bet on baseball and i keep losing. the amount of money and games i lose keeps getting smaller, but valenzio is winning so much that it's disheartening to listen to sometimes.

small brown bike announced a reunion show. i already bought my ticket. chief's birthday/move in on the 20th is gonna be amazing. my bday should be awesome. the fantasy football draft is looking promising. i'm finally starting to feel good about something.

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Date:2007-05-10 17:35

Basically all that has changed in my life since my last update is back then, I didn't have tickets to the minus the bear show on sunday, and now i do.

School's out, my last day of work is tomorrow. Job interview is May 24th.

Sox road trip going to pittsburgh.

Also for the summer:
lots of swimming
lots of softball
perfect my golf swing
go to cedar point
visit monfres in tennesee

hopefully bringing home straight A's. still undecided on that one summer class.

i'm coming home saturday. i'll expect a nice parade. nothing too over the top, but nice.

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Date:2007-04-10 15:35
Subject:Three minutes, till the biggest battle of our professional lives

The past month or so has pretty much been smooth sailing for the sake. I still sometimes get stressed out from the work I have to do, but usually it's only because I've spent so much time procrastinating that all the work builds up at once. I have an A in all 4 of my classes, but I only feel that I "earned" the A in one class. I wake up at 7:30am on Mondays and 9am on Fridays, but every other day I don't get up till at least 1pm. I do homework two days out of every week. I really couldn't ask for my life to be any easier right now. I'll probably have it this way for about another two weeks, and then I'll be pretty busy, but nothing compared to last semester. I h8 filming things so much, and I'm pretty sure last semester was the last time I'll do any of that (for homework anyway), so I really could not be any happier.

One thing I have to figure out is summer esquela. Right now I'm signed up for two classes. The one I have to take is Wednesday 5-9:20. The one I'm considering is Tuesday and Wednesday 10-1:50. The positives of taking the second course is that it may singlehandedly save me from having to take a whole extra semester here at Columbia. The negatives are as following A) I won't be living here during the summer and so I will have to be up real early to commute, and I'll probably be tired as hell during the whole class. B) It basically kills two days a week out of the summer, probably 3 since I will need to come down one day to work on homework C) The class costs $1,560. D) It reduces avaiablilty/chances I'll get this job I applied for over the summer.

So about that job, it's working as a Television Production Assistant for the Downers Grove Television Station. It's not really quite what I want to end up as, but more in the field that I want to go in to than say, working at Blockbuster again. I just turned in the application so I have to wait and see if I score an interview.

Another thing I'm also considering is where I will be living next school year. Right now I'm signed up in the newest edition of superdorms called the Buckingham. It is all kinds of supersweet and comes with it's own Bridget Shirt. Agnew also finally got accepted to UIC and so we were looking at apartments for a bit, and we really need to turn up that search if it's gonna happen, because the last day to pull out of the dorm is May 1st. Living in an apartment would mean I would probably sacrifice a lot of the sweet things that come with the superdorm, but if someone traded me Agnew for amenities I'd say I got the better end of that deal.

The Sox Road Trip planning is fully underway. I have already done the research on Pittsburgh on Philadelphia. I will also plan for Cleveland, Detroit, and the latest possiblity, two games in philly/grease trucks and maybe a senior discount show/ and one game in Pittsburgh. Here is a timetable that I will do my best to adhere to:

Friday April 13th: All estimates of cost are presented to all people interested in going
Friday/Saturday April 27th/28th: The one and only vote for what city/trip we are doing takes place
Friday May 4th: Last day participants decide if they are in or if they are out (minimum of 4 needed)
Saturday May 5th: Tickets are purchased

Last year money for tickets was due before tickets were purchased. I think in light of the fact that some people will still be at school, I will be able to let people pay for tickets after I actually buy them, because it's imperative that we get the tickets as soon as possible. I think I'll give a flexible date of June 1st for the day the money for tickets will be due.

That'll be all for now. I think this is my first post with correct capitalization/punctuation.

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Date:2007-03-16 02:15
Subject:yes. i will do the opposite.

so like last week monday i felt a little tingle in the back of my throat. that led to this sinus infection and laryngitis i now have. last friday i went to the doctor and told me to just wait it out, but since essentially last thursday i've been confined to a bed. i haven't been this sick in some time, probably about 5 years or so. I'm finally starting to come out of it, but I'm still tired all the time and I can't speak more than about two sentences without losing it to a fit of coughing. hopefully the upcoming spring break will recharge the snake's batteries.

i hadn't gone to a class in a week until today. then i read all these pages last night and forced myself to get up to go to class together. and of course i got there and not a soul in the classroom. two guys showed up over the next 10 minutes, but they did not know what was going on either. solid. so by the time spring break ends i will have not been to a class in 2.5 weeks. i'd be all right with that except i basically have no idea how far behind i'm getting, and i don't know what to do to make it up. so i'll have nothing to do over break and as soon as i get back i'll have too much to do. great.

so anyway, it turns out nobody has the same spring break as me. well i dont know if cod has break this week, but northern doesn't so chief and yurgil will be back at school. i might go there for a couple days. jake will be back at school as well. bill and fran might not be home friday/tonight, so it could be no dignity 3, but without kaitlyn, megan, molly, and maz, you can only party so hard. however, scott and adam monfre should be in attendance, so hopefully the broest of chills will take place.

i know it's only one day, but i hit 15 of 16 on the first day of the ncaa tournament. i feel pretty proud of that. hopefully my dominance of "sports about real sports" will never end.

i hope randy moss does not end up on the packers.

sox opening day less than a month away :)

i registered for a new housing building at columiba next year. the spec sheet is undeniably sweet. gotta see how that college thing goes down for agnew and get that whole jive figured out, but more than likely I'm gonna be living in this building next year. some more peeps are definetly gonna have to come visit.

my apologies go out to all of those people who either called or texted me this past week and were met with silence. where i failed in sickness i will try to make up for in health.

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Date:2007-02-08 15:37
Subject:guitar hero II (2)

i'm reading anna nicole smith died. i hear she did porn. gross.

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Date:2007-01-29 12:14
Subject:we're playing the friggin

winter break was pretty solid. it featured basement chillz, and beach warmz. hawaii was pretty awesome. the hawaii bowl was nothing short of exceptional, and i saw colt brennan break the single season touchdown record. random jetskiing, parasailing, and wakeboarding was had. hopefully when i get rich i can buy one or all of those things.

i started playing online poker again after a brief hiatus. i responded by winning $350 the first month, my winningist month of all time. this time i'm not withdrawing anything, in hopes to play the bigger stakes with even bigger payouts. we'll see how that goes, but as long as i get to keep playing/livejournaling at work, only hilarious results can be had.

the spring semester at columbia has commenced. as far as i can tell from the first week, all of my classes are going to be really cool, and i like all of my teachers, a college first. the only thing i have to complain about is that i'm tired of walking into my film classes and hearing "this class is going to be an overview...." screw that. i'm a friggin college junior and i don't feel that i'm taking anything advanced yet. this is why i think i might be at this school longer than spring '08, even though i could technically graduate a semester early. however, i won't be doing anything that involves any actual filming this semester, so for that i am very excited.

another thing i am excited about is that my dorm room added espn, espn 2, espn u, ESPNEWS, and NFL NETWORK to the tv channels that are included with the basic room. this, combined with the resurgence of poker, could ensure that i never have to leave my room again. they forgot espn classic though, the station the runs a ton of wsop repeats. :(

u of i was had recently and it was and although i don't regret going, it was a time i'd like to soon forget. at least i have a chance to redeem myself this weekend, when special guest appearance are made at jake stern's 21st.

semi-d laser tagging was had this past weekend. that was exceptionally fun. although i consistently got good shots on doug (dug), he still managed to beat us all. "it's like real life call of duty with lasers." part/most of my downfall was because i kept getting pwn3d by a shirt.

i will be watching the super bowl at partyhouse, usa. although a longtime packers fan, i will be rooting for the bears whole-heartedly. it means another weekend back home. i really, really enjoy coming home every weekend and seeing everyone, but i am really going to make an attempt the weekend after the super bowl to stay in chicago and perhaps do some bro-chilling with my roommate, something i did basically none of last semester. i'm hoping because i only have to get up early one day (monday) and that i have every single weekend off (until lacrosse season, if i go through with it/make the team) that i can actually go out at night more than a few times this semester.

after 3 long, arduous, tormenting years, i can finally call myself fantasy football champion. coming into the playoffs as the 4th seed, SNAKES overcame 5 seed THE IGNANTS in the wild card round, upset the 1 seed and own brother FRAT ALIENS in the divisional round, and finally won the whole danged thing by defeating the 2 seed SPARTACUS 72-60 in the championship match. my trophy is a sick awesome fantasy football shirt, courtesy of agnew. i'll look to defend my title this fall.

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Date:2006-12-15 16:28
Subject:For Open Discussion

So I've taken the liberty of compositing the possible road trips for the White Sox
07 season. Take a gander.


Mon. May 28th-Wed. May 30th @ Minnesota Twins
Thu. May 31st-Sun. June 3rd @ Toronto Blue Jays (4 game series)
Mon. July 16th-Wed. July 18th @ Cleveland Indians (and perhaps tying in Cedar Point)
Fri. Aug 3rd-Sun. Aug 5th @ Detroit Tigers
(I'm not sure how I feel about staying two nights in Detroit. I would be most welcome to doing another 1 day trip though and then go somewhere else)


Mon. June 11th-Wed. June 13th @ Philadelphia Phillies AND/OR
Fri. June 15th-Sun. June 17th @ Pittsburgh Pirates
(We might be able to do one of these, but I guarentee it's going to be more than KC was. Doing both seems impossible to me at this point.)

Thu. July 12th-Sun. July 15th @ Baltimore Orioles (4 game series)
Thu. July 19th-Sun. July 22nd @ Boston Red Sox (4 game series)
Tue. July 31st-Thu. Aug 2nd @ New York Yankees


Mon. June 25th-Wed. Jun 26th @ Tampa Bay Devil Rays (distance)
Fri. June 29th-Sun. July 1st @ Kansas City Royals (already did it)
Tue. Aug 28th-Thu. Aug 30th @ Texas Rangers (people in school)
Fri. Aug 31st-Sun Sept. 2nd @ Cleveland Indians (people in school)


Tue. Aug 14th-Thu. Aug 16th @ Oakland Athletics AND/OR
Fri. Aug 17th-Sun. Aug 19th @ Seattle Mariners

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Date:2006-12-06 18:18
Subject:i don't know man. he was here when we got here.

saturday bill and clayton and i went to green bay. it took 4 hours to get there which is longer than i thought. we got the hotel room and then went to the brett favre steakhouse. it was a long wait to get in, but we passed the time by watching usc lose to ucla. when we finally sat down i got this choice steak of awesomeness. 'twas delsih. sunday we put on all sorts of clothes and hit lambeau. the seats were so freakin outstading. 50 yard line! i was about 10 feet from chad pennington and laverneus coles. the packers got destroyed but i almost didn't care. just being there was amazing. the stadium is actually really small on the inside, but it still holds 70,000. the seats are all bleachers so we were kind of pressed together. but rooting for the packers alongside so many other people was just so awesome cuz i've basically never gotten to do that before. even though they were getting killed, the stadium got full of excitement when they finally scored the td, louder when the recovered the following onside kick, and finally really really loud when the onside kick got challenged and upheld. it was so much fun and if i can ever afford to do it again i would do it a heartbeat, but i had to do it once while favre was still there.

we were showing rough cuts of our final films in class today, and this kid did a so super friggin amazing sweet ass movie about playing poker with a ninja. im not gonna say anymore, cuz if i manage to get a copy of this, i will show it to all interested parties. it is seriously the greatest thing ever and by far the best student film i have seen since i started going to this school. i also talked to the kid who made it after class and he plays online and also in person every week. hopefully that will turn into the one thing ive been missing in chicago, live poker tournaments.

speaking of which, it has been confirmed that my poker chips did go to memphis, and i will be getting them back on dec. 22nd.

monday was agnew's birthday. we gave him guitar hero. tournaments in that are gonna be so key over winter break. valenzio also has wii, and this guy mat has one down here that i want to play as well. im hearing good things about gears of war, but too much hw and vidja games i already have take priority.

my break is for 5 weeks and 2 of those i will be in hawaii for. im going to the aloha bowl, which will be my first college football game. the other three weeks are kind of up in the air now. the library has offered that i work there a few days, and clybor from bbuster called and left me a message yesterday (although i dont know if he wants me to work or not) and it would be smart if i did work some of the time, cuz i do need the money pretty bad, but i also know that a plethora of colleges must be visited and times must be had at home as well. i need some big time full tilt payoffs and put this job rumor to bed.

recent posts have been uncharacteristiclly long. i'll try to work on that.

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Date:2006-11-29 22:29
Subject:they probably won't let you in

It appears as though LiveJournal has gone by the wayside what with facespace and mybook and all, but I feel I must remain loyal, by which I mean not becoming a total emo kid.

The previous month has been extremely busy. I have hardly had a free moment let alone a free day to myself. I had to push the shooting date of my second movie up from thanksgiving weekend to the weekend before it, and my friends helped me out big time in getting it done. I hate asking people to do things for me, especially when it inconviences them so much, so I was stressing about it big time, but it looks as if it is going to come out well, so I was extremely grateful for at least one thing at Thanksgiving.

Since about 80% of my work has to be done in the school's labs, and everything is closed for thanksgiving (including work!) I got 4 sweet ass days with nothing to do over break. Although it started out extremely slow, the hilarity was turned up a whole hell of a lot that Friday. Although it was nice not to have to actually be doing any homework, the idea that I have so much left was still there, and since I never really just did nothing at any point during the 4 days, everything felt extremely rushed.

Monday I had off of class, so really I had 5 days off, but I was so tired all day that I hardly got any work done. Now I'm pretty much back into the swing of things, and this is the first free second I'll have in awhile. I really need to go sleep after I'm done with this, marking the first time I've gone to bed pre-10pm in I dont know how long.

This Saturday and Sunday, myself, my brother, and my dad are going to Green Bay to see the Packers play the New York Jets. This was my dad's expensive birthday present. 50 yard line, 6th row. I am very happy Favre did not kill himself last week, and I will be sure to take plenty of pictures for da' book.

Well, hopefully I did not bore too many people from this post. If nothing else it will serve as a reminder to myself that I have to seriously chill for a little bit each day. I have done so much thinking about so many different things that my head really hurts sometimes. Must unwind. Goodnight.

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Date:2006-11-27 15:17
Subject:Snake Williams

chillEwilly728: snack jackson
chillEwilly728: haha
roccostrongblood: that should move to #1
roccostrongblood: its gonna win you so many bracelets
chillEwilly728: "hes all in. heres the flop. no help on the flop. heres the turn. no help on the turn. heres the river. SNACK JACKSON HAS WON THE WORLD SERIES OF POKER"
roccostrongblood: hahahahaha i can see it now
roccostrongblood: your name in lights
chillEwilly728: hahaha
chillEwilly728: see if i was going for the totally ridiculous name, snack jackson would be perfect
chillEwilly728: but snake williams is like just close enough to my name to be a beliveable nickname
roccostrongblood: "I'll take Phil Ivey for $400, please."
chillEwilly728: hahahaha
chillEwilly728: what?
roccostrongblood: he was a category on jeopardy
roccostrongblood: in my head
roccostrongblood: just now
chillEwilly728: hahaha
chillEwilly728: today on poker jeapordy
chillEwilly728: with your host
chillEwilly728: phil hellmuth
roccostrongblood: haha naw it would have to be jeopardy poker
chillEwilly728: haha
chillEwilly728: i raise you
chillEwilly728: for 5000
roccostrongblood: hahahaha!!!
roccostrongblood: i'll take full house for all in
chillEwilly728: god
chillEwilly728: ill take snack jackson for 600
chillEwilly728: "and thats todays daily double"
roccostrongblood: how much is your blind?
chillEwilly728: hmmm
chillEwilly728: i feel like risking 200 paychecks
roccostrongblood: alright today's daily double is a visual clue, watch the screen
roccostrongblood: (picture of phone)
chillEwilly728: do do do do do-do do do, do do do do DO dodododododo
roccostrongblood: boi oi oi oi oi oi oi, boi oi oi oi OI boioioioioioiio
chillEwilly728: hahahaha
chillEwilly728: its time for your answer snack
chillEwilly728: lets see you put "what is shannon"
roccostrongblood: i'm sorry, the correct answer was "Why is valenzio whining again?"
chillEwilly728: hahahaha
chillEwilly728: we also wouldve acccepted "what is ebay?"
roccostrongblood: boioioioioi
chillEwilly728: this conversation is legendary

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Date:2006-11-03 17:45
Subject:"I will not say anything postive about myself. I am a duck. I approve this message"

Yea man, I was watching the news and literally all 5 commercials were political ads. Spend the money on some kids or something.

I keep meaning to update this jive because much has happened since the last but I always forget to. First, and most important, is that the McRib is back. Now, I've been embarrased in some past McRib comps, but this time around things will be different. The thing has only been out since Monday, and I've already got 14 in me, and i'm primed for 2 after work.

School has gotten ridiculously busy. I do not have time to do everything that has been given to me. I have woken up at 8:30 or earlier most days the past two weeks, and have made frequent trips to all kinds of cities, and i'm still behind in 3 of my classes. Work, although easy and awesome, takes a huge amount of time away from when I could be working in labs. I am tired all the time and am seriously thinking about not coming home this weekend so I can just sit around and relax this weekend what with my roomate being gone. All of my midterms are done, and i'm finally done shooting the "stupid movie," so the only real hard part left is shooting the final movie, which i hope to do around thanksgiving.

This past weekend I wanted to go to eastern and get some halloween awesomness in but the lack of people and dropping cost of gas made me decide otherwise. Instead I stayed home and got a minor haircut made to resemble Ringo Starr. Good T's were had though, and I do plan on making it to eastern as i've never been there. Other college trips that need to happen include Augustana and numerous more to northern. I was there 2 nights ago, and no chief was in sight. That will have to change.

Sunday had great america in the cards for me and high amounts of fest were had but the amount of fright was not nearly as high. Although for males, riding the Iron Wolf is scary at any time. Eating ice cream when it's 30 degrees outside is the new national pastime, but only if it's on funnel cakes. Sandusky, OH is calling my name.

My parents have purchased a farm. I do not remember the exact name of the town, but it's like an hour and half drive and i know the size is measured in acres, but that number could be anywhere from 2-20, I can't remember. I know that it's supposed to be "big" and the house that is on it is fully furnished. There is also what my dad calls a "party trailer," which could become the new basement over the summer, and could also be the perfect fit for that big screen tv the maz was trying to give away, if he still has it. I think it is an acutal smaller separate house from the normal house, but I still haven't seen it yet with my own eyes, so I'll have to keep the world updated. Can you say, "practice space?"

As many of you know, a building right next to where I live burst into flames last week. I stood and watched for an hour and a half while fire fighters smashed in windows and such. The fire cancelled some columbia classes but none of mine. Noone was hurt and it was definetely cool to see. I saw Rob Elgass,news anchor from NBC, and noticied he is too emo for his own good.

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Date:2006-10-06 01:09
Subject:"you're at the wrong show now motherfuckers!"

Just got back from minus the bear. It was solid. They played absinthe and fine + 2 pts making that the third time they've done so in as many shows. They didn't play monkey!knife!fight! but you can't have everything. This was the best of the three times I heard them play, and this time we didn't have to wait for thursday to play understanding in a car crash to leave.

i bought an unbelievably sweet hoodie. i saw nick chofli.

on the way to the car i saw kevin alberts? and talked to him for several minutes. apparently he loves mtb as well. totally random.

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Date:2006-09-19 21:50
Subject:this grill looks pretty low tech

so this weekend was pretty hilarious as i came home on saturday and pretty much did nothing that night. however sunday was pretty choice as we took on the never ending pasta bowl at the olive garden. all birthdayz should take place there from now until futurama becomes reality. although it pretty much is already so that doesn't make sense?

monday after class i look at my cell phone and theres a text from the maz asking if i want to go to a free sox game. that was pretty awesome and our seats were great. not one but two foul balls came ridiculously close to us and steve martin had a decent shot at getting both of them but they were ROCKETS so they bounced a few times and then someone else got 'em. However, more important is that maz and i called the triple play that the sox turned in the first. that was of a high quality. and i also got my first taste of the stadium club. no longer does your last name have to be fergus to get into high-class societies these days. me and maz didn't stay there long as we had to "get back to the danger," but the sox ended up losing big time. a good time was had either way.

it's looking like i'll be back in dg saturday cuz my aunt from hawaii is coming in so more pasta bowlz should be taken down again.

2-0 in fantasy football. i smell a pizza trophy.

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